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O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms. For the Lord is a great God, and a great King above all gods. (Psalm 95: 1-3)ff

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Hymns Written By Our Visitors

All of the hymns below are original hymns written by our visitors, and submitted into various hymn-writing contests. If you would like to submit your song to our database, please check out YourHymn.com.

  1. 1963

  2. 2nd John

  3. 2nd Samuel 22

  4. A Better Day

  5. A Children's Hymn

  6. A Foolish King

  7. A Horse White

  8. A Sinner's Praise

  9. A Slave and Captive Now Was I

  10. A Wife of Noble Character

  11. Abraham's Faith and Our Salvation

  12. Advent Song

  13. All Praise the Father

  14. All the Days of My Life

  15. Alone We Stand

  16. And Then Some

  17. A New Day

  18. Arise My Soul, And Greet Him

  19. Arise! Obey! And Follow God!

  20. At The Fountain

  21. Awaken the Dawn

  22. Beautiful Place

  23. Because of Jesus

  24. Been Down To The River

  25. Beside a Brook

  26. Between You and Me

  27. Bless His Holy Name

  28. Blessed

  29. Breaking The Chains

  30. Can You See Yourself

  31. Christ's Sovereign Love

  32. Climb Gently, Seeking Light

  33. Come and Worship

  34. Come Live in Me

  35. Come See The Wondrous Virgin Birth

  36. Come To Me

  37. Compassion

  38. Creation

  39. Daniel's Sacrifice

  40. David (Monica Elyse)

  41. David (Joel Kim)

  42. Declare the Glory of our King

  43. Delights, Desires, and Dreams

  44. Did You Cry?

  45. Elijah and the Widow

  46. Endear My Heart, To Christ My King

  47. Entreaties of the passion

  48. Esther, The Daring Queen

  49. Eternally

  50. Every Tribe and Nation

  51. Everything

  52. Everything I Have Belongs To Jesus

  53. Exalted Lord, Glorious

  54. Fallen in the depths

  55. Field of Clover

  56. Forever and Ever, Amen

  57. From Esau Came a Wicked Man

  58. From Humble Roots The King Would Come

  59. Gather Round Children

  60. Give Me Your Hand

  61. God's Glory

  62. God's Humble Servant Mary Looks

  63. God's People

  64. God's Power, My Weakness

  65. God is Eternal

  66. God Our King

  67. Guidance Prayer

  68. He Ask for Gifts From God Alone

  69. He Carried Me

  70. He Gave His Life

  71. He Is

  72. He Leadeth Me

  73. He'll Lift you up

  74. He's Looking at your Heart

  75. He's Waiting

  76. Healing Rain

  77. Hear This, You Heads of the House of Jacob

  78. Help Me Find This Jesus Man

  79. Hezekiah

  80. Hide Me Lord

  81. High on Mount Carmel

  82. His Sovereign Plan

  83. His Sweet Holy Name

  84. Hope and Salvation

  85. I'm Coming Home

  86. I am Still Blessed

  87. I am That I Am

  88. I Believe in You

  89. I Have A Little Lamb

  90. I Have Come To Praise You Jesus

  91. I Looked Upon The Arrogant

  92. I Praise Thee O My Lord

  93. I Sat On A Hill

  94. I Still Have You

  95. I Thank You

  96. I Thank You Lord For Every Trial

  97. I Throw Myself at Your Feet

  98. I Want To Be A Man Who Loves The Lord

  99. I Want To Be With You Today

  100. I Will Pray

  101. If God Created Earth and Men

  102. I'll Give You Me

  103. I'm Truly Amazed

  104. In Awe of You

  105. In God We Trust (Helen Marie Morris)

  106. In God We Trust (Philip Coutts)

  107. Isaiah 60:10-12

  108. It Amazes Me

  109. It Is You, Lord

  110. It's Only Up To You Lord

  111. Jesus is Risen

  112. Jesus Our King, Our Savior Above

  113. Jesus Rules

  114. Jesus You Are My Savior

  115. Joshua, O Joshua

  116. Joshua 22:10-34

  117. Journey of Love

  118. Joyful Praise

  119. Just For You

  120. Just to Be with you Lord

  121. King David Counted All His Men

  122. King David's Song

  123. King of Kings

  124. King of Us

  125. Kings

  126. Latter Rain

  127. Let Me Lean On You

  128. Little Girl

  129. Little Lost Sheep

  130. Little While

  131. Lord Jesus is Calling You

  132. Man from Galilee

  133. Mary, The Blessed Mother

  134. Miracle

  135. Miraculous Escape

  136. More To Me

  137. My Creator My Hero

  138. My Crown

  139. My Little Angel of Love

  140. My Lord Died on Calvary

  141. My Lord Has Risen

  142. My Portion

  143. My Prayer

  144. My Savior, My Friend

  145. Nearer Heaven

  146. Never Be The Same

  147. No Comfort Comes For Those Oppressed

  148. No Outward Act or Simple Word

  149. Not of this World

  150. O'er All The Earth, Jehovah Reigns

  151. Oh Lord You Rule The Universe

  152. One Christian Under God

  153. One Nation Under God

  154. Only True

  155. Our God and Our Father

  156. Our God is So Great

  157. Our God, The True and Faithful King

  158. Our King can be a God of War

  159. Our King Endures Like Flaming Sun

  160. Our Life on Earth is Constant War

  161. Our Righteous King, the One Most High

  162. Our Savior, So Precious and Dear

  163. Out of the Darkness

  164. O Abba Father, Lord of Life

  165. O God, To You We Praise Your Name

  166. O, Hero David

  167. O, King of Kings

  168. O, My Sweet Jesus

  169. O, Praise our King, In Heav'n He Reigns

  170. O, World

  171. Pathway

  172. Peter's Lament

  173. Play Me, Jesus

  174. Power in the Name of Jesus

  175. Prophecy

  176. Psalm 96

  177. Put on the full Armour of God

  178. Reach out

  179. Revelation 1:12-18

  180. Righteous Struggle

  181. Rock with Jesus

  182. Rowing My Boat

  183. Seven Day Battle

  184. Shout Joyfully

  185. Shout of Praise

  186. Shout To The Heavens

  187. Simple Psalm

  188. Sing Alleluia

  189. Sing Awe of Our Lord's Rule

  190. Sing Songs of Thanks, Works of the Lord

  191. Some Day We'll Build A Life

  192. Some Golden Daybreak

  193. Sometimes

  194. Soldiers of Christ, Rise up and Hear

  195. Soldiers, Rejoice!

  196. Special

  197. Special Plan

  198. Spirit-Fire and Holy Water

  199. Spread A Little Love Where You Are

  200. Stand and Fight

  201. Start of Something

  202. Stephen, Child of God

  203. Strength of Love

  204. Suddenly, Peace

  205. Surrender All

  206. Sweet Hour of Prayer

  207. Sweet Medicine

  208. Take My Burdens Sweet Jesus

  209. Teach Me Your Ways

  210. The Altar Prayer

  211. The Answer

  212. The Beast Within My Heart Is Sin

  213. The Brav'ry of the Jewish Queen

  214. The Call To Love

  215. The Choice

  216. The Day God Cried

  217. The Cedar

  218. The Cross Was Heavy As He Stumbled

  219. The Crucifixion

  220. The Day of New Beginnings

  221. The Door

  222. The Earth and All That Is Within

  223. The Faithful Martyr

  224. The Great I AM

  225. The House of Wisdom Gives Those Life

  226. The King Had Called To Show Her Off

  227. The Lamb of God Who Died To Save

  228. The Lord Great Sovereign

  229. The Lord Lifts Me Up

  230. The Lord of All

  231. The Lord of Lords Is Good and True

  232. The Lord's Beautiful Work

  233. The Lost and Dying Need To Hear

  234. The Man Who Dares to Lead the Flock

  235. The Morning Sun in Flames Has Ris'n

  236. The Rising of the Sun

  237. The Second Wish

  238. The Staff that Struck The Great Red Sea

  239. The Time is Now

  240. The Two Spies Sent From God

  241. The Warning Bell of Judgment Tolls

  242. Then The Lord Saw His Men

  243. Through Terror In The Night I Give

  244. Time for the Light

  245. To Find That Faint Grey Edge

  246. To Live in Jesus' Day

  247. To The Soldiers

  248. To Touch His Nail-Scarred Hand

  249. Truly Humbled in the Night

  250. Turn To The Lord

  251. Twilight

  252. Vesper

  253. Walk With Him

  254. Watering with Your Feet

  255. We Extol You Christ our King

  256. We Must Ask

  257. We Praise the Lord, for all His Ways

  258. We Worship You, Lord

  259. What Greater Gifts

  260. When God Sent Down The Rain

  261. When I Am Weak With Suffering

  262. When I Asked God (Psalm 8)

  263. When I See Your Face

  264. When the Angel Came Before Her

  265. With All I Am

  266. With Praise My Heart Shall Overflow

  267. Witness

  268. You Are The Lord

  269. You Said

  270. You Were There

  271. Your Creation

  272. Your Forgiveness is Unfathomable


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