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He Is

Lift up your voice to the heavens above us
Bow down your knee to the Ancient of Days
He leads us, He guides us, He lives right inside us
Our Lord and our Savior, our God
our God and our King

Verse 1
He is the One who was sent from the Father
Our Rock and our Fortress, the Faithful, the Light
He is the Holy, the Perfect Redeemer
He is the Way and the Truth and the Life


Verse 2
He is the Dayspring of all of Creation
The Alpha, Omega, the First and the Last
Hes the Good Shepherd, Messiah, our Leader
The Great Son of David, the Lion, the Lamb


Verse 3
He is our Cornerstone; Hes our Foundation
The Man of all Sorrows, the Giver of Faith
He is Immanuel, God who is with us
The Fount of Forgiveness, of Mercy and Grace


Verse 4
Wonderful, Counselor, One for all Ages
Advocate, Mighty One, Great Prince of Peace
Lord of all Lords, and the Scepter of Judah
He is Jehovah, the King of all King

2007 Willgeekers Songworks


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