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  1. A Safe Stronghold Our God Is Still
  2. A Sinner Forgiven,

  3. Sabbath Day

  4. Sacred Fountain

  5. Sad And Lonely

  6. Safe Am I

  7. Safe Home, Safe Home In Port!

  8. Safe In The Arms Of Jesus

  9. Safe In The Shepherds Care

  10. Safe Upon The Billowy Deep

  11. Safely Through Another Week

  12. Safely, Safely, Gathered In

  13. Sail On!

  14. Sailing Into Port

  15. Saint Of God, Elect And Precious

  16. Saint Patrick's Breastplate

  17. Saint Who First Found Grace To Pen

  18. Saints In Glory, We Together

  19. Saints Of God Should Never Be Dismayed

  20. Saints Of God The Dawn Is Brightening

  21. Saints Of God! Lo, Jesus' People

  22. Saints Of God! The Dawn Id Brightening

  23. Saints Of God! Their Conflict Past

  24. Saint's Reward

  25. Salvation Echoes

  26. Salvation Is Flowing

  27. Salvation Is Forever Nigh

  28. Salvation Is The Sweetest Thing

  29. Salvation O Melodious Sound

  30. Salvation O Mysterious Plan

  31. Salvation Through Our Dying Head

  32. Salvation Unto Us Has Come

  33. Salvation What A Glorious Plan

  34. Salvation! O The Joyful Sound

  35. Salve Regina

  36. Sanctified By Faith

  37. Sanctifying Powerd

  38. Sanctuary

  39. Sands Of Time Are Sinking

  40. Satisfied

  41. Satisfied In Jesus

  42. Satisfied With Jesus

  43. Satisfied With Thee, Lord Jesus

  44. Save Me At The Cross

  45. Save Me O Lord From Every Foe

  46. Save Me, O God

  47. Save Me, O God, The Swelling Floods

  48. Saved By Grace

  49. Saved By The Blood

  50. Saved From The Wreck

  51. Saved To The Uttermost

  52. Saved!

  53. Saved, Saved

  54. Saving Grace

  55. Savior And Regenerator

  56. Savior Calls

  57. Savior Comes

  58. Savior Died But Rose Again

  59. Savior Eternal

  60. Savior For Me

  61. Savior From Sin, I Wait To Prove

  62. Savior I'm Coming

  63. Savior Kindly Calls

  64. Savior Of The Heathen, Known

  65. Savior Of The Nations, Come

  66. Savior To Thy Mercy Seat

  67. Savior Visit Thy Plantation

  68. Savior Who Loves Me

  69. Savior With Me

  70. Savior! Hasten Thine Appearing

  71. Savior! I Follow On

  72. Savior, Again To Thy Dear Name We Rise

  73. Savior, And Can It Be

  74. Savior, Blessed Savior

  75. Savior, Breathe An Evening Blessing

  76. Savior, Guide Me

  77. Savior, I'm Coming

  78. Savior, Lead Me

  79. Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us

  80. Savior, More Than Life

  81. Savior, Prince Of Israel's Race

  82. Savior, Sprinkle Many Nations

  83. Savior, Teach Me Day By Day

  84. Savior, Thy Dying Love

  85. Savior, To Thee We Raise Our Hymn

  86. Savior, When In Dust To Thee

  87. Savior, When Night Involves The Skies

  88. Savior, While My Heart Is Tender

  89. Savior, Who Didst Healing Give

  90. Savior, Who Thy Flock Art Feeding

  91. Savior, Who Thy Live Didst Give

  92. Savior, Whom Our Hearts Adore

  93. Saviour! Divine!

  94. Saw You Never, In The Twilight?

  95. Say But I'm Glad

  96. Scatter Sunshine

  97. Scattering Precious Seed

  98. Seal Us

  99. Sealed Was The Tomb

  100. Search Light

  101. Search Me O God

  102. Search Me O Lord

  103. Search Me, O God

  104. Searcher Of Hearts, From Mine Erase

  105. Seasons Are Fixed By Wisdom Divine

  106. Secret Prayer

  107. See Amid The Winter's Snow

  108. See Him In Raiment Rent

  109. See How Great A Flame Aspires

  110. See Israel's Gentle Shepherd Stand

  111. See The Conqueror

  112. See The Destined Day Arise

  113. See The Gloomy Gathering Cloud

  114. See The Gold Upon The Hills

  115. See The Ransomed Millions Stand

  116. See The Shining Dewdrops

  117. See Where Our Great High Priest

  118. See, Another Year Is Gone

  119. See, Father, Thy Beloved Son

  120. See, Jesus, Thy Disciples See

  121. See, Sinners, In The Gospel Glass

  122. See, The Conqueror Mounts In Triumph

  123. Seedtime And Harvest

  124. Seek The Lord Who Now Is Present

  125. Seek Where Ye May To Find A Way

  126. Seek Ye First

  127. Seek Ye First

  128. Seeking Calling Knocking

  129. Seeking For Me

  130. Seeking The Lost (Buchanan)

  131. Seeking The Lost (Ogden)

  132. Seeking To Save

  133. Send A Great Revival

  134. Send The Holy Fire

  135. Send The Power Down

  136. Self-Righteous Souls

  137. Send A Great Revival

  138. Send A Great Revival

  139. Send A Wave Of Salvation Today

  140. Send Down Thy Truth, O God

  141. Send Forth The Gospel

  142. Send Forth Your Light And Truth

  143. Send Forth, O God, Thy Light And Truth

  144. Send O Lord Thy Holy Spirit

  145. Send Out A Light

  146. Send Out The Sunlight

  147. Send The Fire

  148. Send The Gospel Light

  149. Send The Holy Fire

  150. Send The Light

  151. Send The Power Down

  152. Send Them, O Lord

  153. Send Thou, O Lord, To Every Place

  154. Send Thy Blessing

  155. Send Thy Spirit

  156. Servant Of All, To Toil For Man

  157. Servant Of God Awake

  158. Servant Of God, Remember

  159. Servant Of God, Well Done

  160. Service Song

  161. Set An Example

  162. Set My Soul Afire

  163. Set My Spirit Free

  164. Shadow Of The Rock

  165. Shadows

  166. Shadows Of The Evening Hour

  167. Shall Atheist Dare Insult The Cross

  168. Shall Hymns Of Grateful Love

  169. Shall I Be Ashamed

  170. Shall I Be Saved Tonight?

  171. Shall I Die Without A Savior

  172. Shall I, For Fear Of Feeble Man

  173. Shall Man, O God Of Light And Life

  174. Shall We Gather At The River

  175. Shall We Meet?

  176. Shall We Not Love Thee Mother

  177. Shall You? Shall I?

  178. Share His Love

  179. She Loved Her Savior

  180. She Only Touched The Hem Of His Garment

  181. She Will Be Called Blessed

  182. Shelter In The Time Of Storm

  183. Sheltering Rock

  184. Shepherd Band Their Flocks

  185. Shepherd Divine, Our Wants Relieve

  186. Shepherd Now Was Smitten

  187. Shepherd Of Love

  188. Shepherd Of Souls

  189. Shepherd Of Tender Love

  190. Shepherd Of Tender Youth

  191. Shepherd, Show Me How To Go

  192. Shepherd's Fold On High

  193. Shepherds In The Field Abiding

  194. Shepherds! Shake Off Your Drowsy Sleep

  195. Shepherds, Rejoice!

  196. Shepherds, What Joyful Tidings

  197. Shine And Rain

  198. Shine For Jesus Where You Are

  199. Shine Forth

  200. Shine In His Name

  201. Shine Jesus Shine (Copyright Permission Pending)

  202. Shine On

  203. Shine On Bethlehem's Star

  204. Shine Thou Upon Us, Lord

  205. Shining For Jesus

  206. Shining Out Of Darkness

  207. Ships Glide In At The Harbor's Mouth

  208. Should We Meet Here No More

  209. Shout And Sing

  210. Shout In The Camp

  211. Shout Of Mighty Triumph

  212. Shout The Glad Tidings

  213. Shout The Tidings Of Salvation

  214. Shout To The Lord

  215. Shout, For The Blessed Jesus Reigns

  216. Shouting His Praise

  217. Show Pity, Lord, O Lord, Forgive

  218. Show Us Your Ways, O Lord

  219. Showers Of Blessings

  220. Sign Of The Cross

  221. Silence And Solitude And Prayer

  222. Silent Night

  223. Silently

  224. Silently The Shades Of Evening

  225. Silver Star

  226. Simple, Earnest Prayer

  227. Sin And Shield Round

  228. Sin Can Never Enter There

  229. Sin Has A Thousand Treacherous Arts

  230. Sin Like A Venomous Disease

  231. Sin, When Viewed By Scripture Light

  232. Since All The Downward Tracts Of Time

  233. Since I Am Sanctified

  234. Since I Found My Savior

  235. Since I Have Been Redeemed

  236. Since Jesus Came Into My Heart

  237. Since Jesus Freely Did Appear

  238. Since Jesus Is My Friend

  239. Since The Comforter Has Come

  240. Since The Fullness Of His Love Came In

  241. Since Through Gods Mercy

  242. Since We Have Confidence

  243. Since With My God Of Perfect Heart

  244. Since Without Thee We Do No Good

  245. Sinful Sighing To Be Blessed

  246. Sinful, Sighing To Be Blest

  247. Sing A New Song To Jehovah

  248. Sing About Jesus

  249. Sing All Ye Ransomed Of The Lord

  250. Sing Alleluia Forth In Duteous Praise

  251. Sing Aloud Jehovah's Praises

  252. Sing Aloud With Gladness

  253. Sing Always

  254. Sing Always

  255. Sing Away The Shadows

  256. Sing Hallelujah, Praise The Lord

  257. Sing His Praise

  258. Sing It Again

  259. Sing Lullaby!

  260. Sing My Soul His Wondrous Love

  261. Sing Of Andrew

  262. Sing Of God Made Manifest

  263. Sing Once More For Jesus

  264. Sing Our Your Gladsome Carols

  265. Sing Praise To God Who Reigns Above

  266. Sing Praise To The Lord!

  267. Sing Praises To Jesus

  268. Sing The Joy Of Easter Day

  269. Sing To Me Of Heaven

  270. Sing To The Great Jehovah's Praise!

  271. Sing To The Lord A Joyful Song

  272. Sing To The Lord Jehovah's Name

  273. Sing To The Lord Of Harvest

  274. Sing To The Lord The Children's Hymn

  275. Sing To The Lord Ye Heavenly Hosts

  276. Sing To The Lord, Sing His Praise

  277. Sing To The Lord, The Rock Of Our Salvation

  278. Sing To The Lord, Ye Distant Lands!

  279. Sing Unto God

  280. Sing Wast Mild And Lovely

  281. Sing We All The Joys And Sorrows

  282. Sing We Merry Christmas

  283. Sing We The Glory Of Our God

  284. Sing We The King

  285. Sing We The Praises Of The Great Forerunner

  286. Sing We The Song

  287. Sing We The Triumphant Hymns Of Praise

  288. Sing With All The Saints In Glory

  289. Sing With Tuneful Lay

  290. Sing Ye Faithful Sing With Gladness

  291. Sing Ye The Songs Of Praise

  292. Sing, My Soul, To God Who Made Thee

  293. Sing, My Tongue, The Glorious Battle

  294. Sing, My Tongue, The Saviors Glory

  295. Sing, O Sing, This Blessed Morn

  296. Sing, Ye Ransomed Nations, Sing

  297. Singing All The Time

  298. Singing For Jesus

  299. Singing I Go

  300. Singing Light And Free

  301. Singing Light And Free

  302. Singing Of Jesus

  303. Singing Songs Of Expectation

  304. Singing Today

  305. Sinner Forgiven

  306. Sinner, Art Thou Still Secure?

  307. Sinner, Come To Jesus

  308. Sinner, See The Love Of God

  309. Sinner, You Must Die

  310. Sinners Will You Scorn The Message

  311. Sinners, Believe The Gospel Word

  312. Sinners, Dismiss Your Fear

  313. Sinners, Obey The Gospel Word

  314. Sinners, Rejoice

  315. Sinners, The Voice Of God Regard

  316. Sinners, Turn

  317. Sion's Daughter, Weep No More

  318. Sister Thou Wast And Lovely

  319. Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus

  320. Six Days Of Labor Now Are Past

  321. Sleep Sleep

  322. Sleep Sweet Sarah

  323. Sleep! Holy Babe

  324. Sleep, Baby, Sleep

  325. Sleep, Little Baby

  326. Sleep, My Little Jesus

  327. Sleepers, Wake

  328. Slighted Stranger

  329. Slowly Fall The Snowflakes

  330. Smile And Sing

  331. Snow Lay On The Ground

  332. So Let Our Lips And Lives Express

  333. So Near To The Kingdom

  334. So Send I You

  335. So Send I You By Grace Made Strong

  336. Soaring Spirit Set Us Free

  337. Softly And Tenderly

  338. Softly And Tenderly Jesus Is Calling

  339. Softly Fades The Twilight Ray

  340. Softly Now The Light Of Day

  341. Softly Sighs The Breath Of Evening

  342. Softly The Silent Night

  343. Soldiers Of Christ, Arise

  344. Soldiers Of Christ, In Truth Arrayed

  345. Soldiers Of King Jesus

  346. Soldiers Of The Cross, Arise

  347. Soldiers Of The Cross, Arise

  348. Soldiers Who To Christ Belong

  349. Soldiers, Who Are Christ's Below

  350. Some Blessed Day

  351. Some Children See Him

  352. Some Day

  353. Some Day He'll Make It Plain

  354. Some Day May Be Too Late

  355. Some Folks Would Rather Have Houses And Land

  356. Some Of These Days I'm Going Home

  357. Some Sweet Day

  358. Some Sweet Day

  359. Some Sweet Day My Lord Will Come

  360. Some Sweet Morn

  361. Some blessed Day

  362. Somebody Came And Lifted Me Up

  363. Somebody Cares

  364. Somebody Did A Golden Deed

  365. Somebody Else Needs A Blessing

  366. Somebody Is Looking To You

  367. Somebody Knows

  368. Somebody Loves Me

  369. Somebody's Knockin At Your Door

  370. Someday

  371. Someday He'll Make It Plain

  372. Someday Somewhere

  373. Someone Must Tell The Glad Story

  374. Someone Shall Go

  375. Someone's Last Call

  376. Something To Feast The Soul

  377. Sometime We'll Understand

  378. Sometime!

  379. Sometime!

  380. Sometimes A Light Surprises

  381. Sometimes Alleluia

  382. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child

  383. Sometimes Somewhere

  384. Sometimes That Which I Most Desire

  385. Somewhere Standing In The Shadows

  386. Son Forsook The Father's Home

  387. Son Of A Virgin

  388. Son Of Consolation

  389. Son Of David Bowed To Die

  390. Son Of God Goes Forth To War

  391. Son Of God, Eternal Savior

  392. Son Of God, If Thy Free Grace

  393. Son Of Man From Jordan Rose

  394. Son Of The Carpenter Receive

  395. Son Of The Highest

  396. Son We Are Through Gods Election

  397. Song And A Carol

  398. Song Of Life

  399. Song Of Spring Once More We Sing

  400. Song Of The Savior

  401. Song Of The Sunbeams

  402. Song Of The Sunbeams

  403. Song To My Shepherd

  404. Songs Anew Of Honor Framing

  405. Songs In The Daytime

  406. Songs Of Praise The Angels Sang

  407. Songs Of Praises

  408. Songs Of Thankfulness And Praise

  409. Songs Of The Reaper

  410. Songs Of Victory

  411. Sons Of Labor, Dear To Jesus

  412. Sons We Are Through God's Election

  413. Soon And Very Soon

  414. Soon In The Homeland

  415. Soon May The Last Glad Song Arise

  416. Soon Shall The Trump Of God

  417. Soon Shall We See The Glorious Morning

  418. Soon The Summer Will Be Ended

  419. Soon Will Our Savior From Heaven Appear

  420. Soon!

  421. Sorrows Of Mary

  422. Soul Adorn Thyself With Gladness

  423. Soul Cheering Promise

  424. Soul In Death And Darkness Lying

  425. Soul Of Jesus, Make Me Whole

  426. Soul Of My Savior

  427. Soul What Return Has God

  428. Soul Wherein God Dwells

  429. Souls Of Men Why Will Ye Scatter

  430. Souls Of Men, Why Will Ye Scatter

  431. Sound Aloud Jehovah's Praises

  432. Sound Over All Water

  433. Sound Sound The Truth Abroad

  434. Sound The Alarm

  435. Sound The Battle Cry

  436. Sovereign Of All The Worlds On High

  437. Sovereign Of Worlds! Display Thy Power

  438. Sovereign Protector I Have

  439. Sow In The Morn Thy Seed

  440. Sow The Seed Beside All Waters

  441. Sower Went Forth Sowing

  442. Sowing By Word And Deed

  443. Sowing The Seed

  444. Spacious Firmament On High

  445. Spacious Heavens Declare

  446. Speak For Jesus

  447. Speak To Me Only Of Jesus

  448. Speak To My Soul

  449. Speak To The Mountain

  450. Speak, Lord, In The Stillness

  451. Speak, My Lord

  452. Speak, My Lord, Thy Servant Heareth

  453. Speed Away

  454. Speed For Thy Life

  455. Speed The Light

  456. Speed Thy Servants

  457. Spend One Hour With Jesus

  458. Spirit Am I

  459. Spirit Blest

  460. Spirit Divine

  461. Spirit Holy

  462. Spirit In The Sky

  463. Spirit Of Faith, Come Down

  464. Spirit Of God In The Clear Running Water

  465. Spirit Of God Within Me

  466. Spirit Of God, Descend Upon My Heart

  467. Spirit Of God, That Moved Of Old

  468. Spirit Of Holiness, Descend

  469. Spirit Of Jesus, Who Didst Move

  470. Spirit Of Mercy, Truth, And Love

  471. Spirit Of The Living God

  472. Spirit Of Truth

  473. Spirit Of Wisdom

  474. Spirit, Strength Of All The Weak

  475. Spirits Of Living Water

  476. Splendor And Majesty

  477. Splendor And Majesty

  478. Spouse Of Christ, In Arms Contending

  479. Spread, O Spread, Thou Mighty Word

  480. Springs And Streams No Longer Bless

  481. Stabat Mater

  482. Stalwart As Pillars

  483. Stand By Me

  484. Stand By The Bible

  485. Stand By The Cross

  486. Stand By The Right

  487. Stand Fast For Christ Thy Savior

  488. Stand Like The Brave

  489. Stand The Omnipotent Decree

  490. Stand Up And Bl