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  1. Paint Me A Picture

  2. Pale Horse And His Rider

  3. Palms Of Glory

  4. Papa Tell Me A Story

  5. Pappa Tell A Story

  6. Paradise Valley

  7. Pardon Me

  8. Pardoning Grace

  9. Part In Peace

  10. Part In Peace: Is Day Before Us

  11. Parting Hymn We Sing

  12. Pass It On

  13. Pass It On

  14. Pass Me Not

  15. Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior

  16. Passing Onward

  17. Passion For Jesus

  18. Passover

  19. Patiently Waiting

  20. Patriots Prayer

  21. Paul And Peter

  22. Paul And Silas

  23. Paul Planted

  24. Paul The Preacher

  25. Peace

  26. Peace Be Still

  27. Peace Doubting Heart

  28. Peace I Give To You

  29. Peace I Leave

  30. Peace In The Valley

  31. Peace Is Born On Earth

  32. Peace Is Flowing Like A River

  33. Peace Like A River

  34. Peace Perfect Peace

  35. Peace Sweet Peace

  36. Peace That Passes

  37. Peace That Passes Understanding

  38. Peace To My Soul

  39. Peace, Be Still

  40. Peace, Troubled Soul

  41. Peaceful The Wondrous Night

  42. Peacefully Round Us

  43. Peanut Butter Song

  44. Pearl Of Great Price

  45. Pearly Gates

  46. Pearly White City

  47. Penitence

  48. Pentecost In My Soul

  49. Pentecostal Power

  50. Penticost

  51. People Draw Near To God

  52. People Get Ready

  53. People Just Like Us

  54. People Need The Lord

  55. People Of The Living God

  56. People That In Darkness Walked

  57. Perfect Path

  58. Perfect Path Of Purest Grace

  59. Perfect Peace

  60. Perfect World, By Adam Trod

  61. Perishing Souls At Stake

  62. Pharaoh

  63. Pharoah

  64. Philips Song

  65. Phillips Song

  66. Phone Call From Heaven

  67. Pick Me Up

  68. Pierce My Ear

  69. Pilgrim Through This Lonely World

  70. Pilgrim, Burdened With Thy Sin

  71. Pilgrim's Burden

  72. Pilgrim's Journey

  73. Pilot Divine

  74. Pilot Of Galilee

  75. Piper Song

  76. Pity A Helpless Sinner Lord

  77. Plan Of Salvation

  78. Pleasant Are Thy Courts Above

  79. Pleasing Him

  80. Pleasing In Your Site

  81. Plenty Good News

  82. Plenty Of Good News

  83. Plenty Of Time

  84. Plunged In A Gulf Of Dark Despair

  85. Poor And Afflicted

  86. Poor Esau Repented Too Late

  87. Poor Out Thy Spirit From On High

  88. Poor Pilgrim

  89. Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow

  90. Poor Thy Blessings

  91. Poor Wayfaring Man Of Grief

  92. Poor Wayfaring Stranger

  93. Poor Weak And Worthless Though I Am

  94.  Portal Of The Worlds Salvation

  95. Pour Out My Heart

  96. Pour Out Your Spirit

  97. Power For Service

  98. Power In The Blood

  99. Power In The Blood Of Jesus

  100. Power Of God

  101. Power Of Your Love

  102. Praise Adonai

  103. Praise And Glory

  104. Praise Be To The Lord

  105. Praise For Thee

  106. Praise God

  107. Praise God For What He's Done For Me

  108. Praise God Hes Coming Again

  109. Praise God The Lord

  110. Praise God, For He Is Kind

  111. Praise God, Ye Servants

  112. Praise Him, Praise Him

  113. Praise Him, Praise Him, All Ye Little Children

  114. Praise Jehovah

  115. Praise Medley

  116. Praise O Sion

  117. Praise Our Creator

  118. Praise Our Great And Gracious Lord

  119. Praise Our Savior In Our Measure

  120. Praise The Giver Of All

  121. Praise The Lord

  122. Praise The Lord All Nations

  123. Praise The Lord His Glories Show

  124. Praise The Lord Let Everything That Has Breath

  125. Praise The Lord Of Heaven

  126. Praise The Lord Rise Up Rejoicing

  127. Praise The Lord Through Every Nation

  128. Praise The Lord Who Reigns Above

  129. Praise The Lord, Each Tribe And Nation,

  130. Praise The Lord, For He Is Good

  131. Praise The Lord, God's Glories Show

  132. Praise The Lord: Ye Heavens Adore Him

  133. Praise The Name Of Jesus

  134. Praise The Name Of Jesus

  135. Praise The One Who Breaks The Darkness

  136. Praise The Rock Of Our Salvation

  137. Praise The Savior Now And Ever

  138. Praise The Savior, All Ye Nations

  139. Praise The Savior, Ye Who Know Him

  140. Praise Thou The Lord, O My Soul

  141. Praise To God Who Reigns Above

  142. Praise To God, Immortal Praise

  143. Praise To God, Whose Bounteous Hand

  144. Praise To The Heavenly Wisdom

  145. Praise To The Holiest In The Height

  146. Praise To The Living God

  147. Praise To The Living God

  148. Praise To The Lord, The Almighty d Adoration

  149. Praise Waits For Thee In Zion

  150. Praise We The Lord This Day

  151. Praise Ye Jehovah!

  152. Praise Ye Jehovah!

  153. Praise Ye The Lord

  154. Praise Ye The Lord This Day

  155. Praise Ye The Lord! Immortal Choir

  156. Praise Ye The Lord! My Heart Shall Join

  157. Praise Ye The Lord! On Every Height

  158. Praise Ye The Lord,

  159. Praise Ye The Lord, Exalt His Name

  160. Praise Ye The Lord, For He Is Good

  161. Praise Ye The Lord; Tis Good To Raise

  162. Praise Ye The Name Of The Lord

  163. Praise Ye The Triune God

  164. Praise Ye! Praise Ye The Lord!

  165. Praise, My Soul, The King

  166. Praise, My Soul, The Lord

  167. Praise, O Praise

  168. Praise, Praise

  169. Praises Everywhere

  170. Praises For Thy Glorious Grace

  171. Praises Of That Saint We Sing

  172. Praises Of Thy Wonders

  173. Praisin The Lord

  174. Praising Jesus

  175. Pray For Me

  176. Pray For The Church

  177. Pray For The Fish

  178. Pray On Pray On

  179. Pray That Jerusalem May Have

  180. Pray When The Morning Is Breaking

  181. Pray Ye The Lord This Day

  182. Pray, Pray

  183. Prayer For Creation

  184. Prayer For God's Blessing

  185. Prayer Has Brought Us

  186. Prayer Has Brought Us This Far

  187. Prayer Is Appointed To Convey

  188. Prayer Is The Key

  189. Prayer Is The Souls Sincere Desire

  190. Praying Always

  191. Praying For You

  192. Preach The Gospel

  193. Precious Angel

  194. Precious Bible

  195. Precious Bible! What A Treasure

  196. Precious Child, So Sweetly Sleeping

  197. Precious Cornerstone

  198. Precious Hiding Place

  199. Precious Home Of Rest

  200. Precious Jesus

  201. Precious Lamb Of Glory

  202. Precious Lord Be My Guide

  203. Precious Lord, Take My Hand

  204. Precious Memories

  205. Precious Moments

  206. Precious Name

  207. Precious Precious Blood Of Jesus

  208. Precious Promise

  209. Precious Words

  210. Prepare Me Gracious God

  211. Prepare The Way O Zion

  212. Prepare To Meet Thy God

  213. Preprise

  214. Preserve Me Lord

  215. Press On

  216. Press On My Soul, To Glory

  217. Press On Press On Ye Workers

  218. Press Onward

  219. Press The Battle On

  220. Priceless Is Thy Treasure

  221. Priceless Treasure

  222. Prime Time

  223. Prince Of Peace Control My Will

  224. Print Thine Image

  225. Prisoner Of God

  226. Prisoners Of Hope, Arise

  227. Prize

  228. Prodigal Son

  229. Prodigal Son2

  230. Profit And Loss

  231. Promise Of Love

  232. Promoted To Glory

  233. Prophetic Truth

  234. Prostrate Jesus At Thy Feet

  235. Protect And Save Me O My God

  236. Protector Of My Soul

  237. Psalm 5

  238. Psalm 8

  239. Psalm 9

  240. Psalm 19

  241. Psalm 42

  242. Psalm 100

  243. Psalm 113

  244. Psalm 121

  245. Psalm 126

  246. Psalm 136

  247. Psalm 137

  248. Psalm 139

  249. Psalm Of The Valley

  250. Pull For The Shore

  251. Pure And Holy Passion

  252. Pure Heart

  253. Pure Joy

  254. Pure Like You

  255. Pure White Ribbons

  256. Pure Within

  257. Purer In Heart O God

  258. Purer Yet And Purer

  259. Purify My Heart

  260. Purple Robe

  261. Purpose Prayer

  262. Put A Little Love In Your Heart

  263. Put Thou Thy Trust In God

  264. Put Your Hand In The Hand

  265. The Prodigal Son


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