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Title Artist Date Music Available
A Charge To Keep I Have Charles Wesley 1762  
A Child Of The King Harriet E. Buell 1877  
A Child This Day Is Born William Sandys 1833  
A City Awaits Us We Soon Shall Behold Laura E. Newell 1902  
A Clean Heart Walter C. Smith unknown  
A Cry As Of Pain Sarah G. Stock unknown  
A Cry From Macedonia Fanny Crosby 1865  
Call For Workers John H. Sheppard unknown  
Call Jehovah Thy Salvation James Montgomery 1822  
Call Them In Anna Shipton 1862  
Called Unto Holiness unknown unknown  
Calling For You unknown unknown  
Calling Now Philip P. Bliss 1873  
Calling The Prodigal Charles H. Gabriel 1889  
Calling You unknown unknown  
Calm On The Listening Ear Edmund H. Sears 1834  
Calvary William M. Darwood 1876  
Calvary's Stream Is Flowing Eliza E. Hewitt unknown  
Can A Little Child Like Me Mary M. Dodge 1877  
Can Jesus See And Hear Eden R. Latta unknown  
Can The World See Jesus In You? Leila N. Morris 1917  
Can You Count The Stars J. Wilhelm Hey 1837  
Captain Of Israel's Host Charles Wesley 1762  
Captains Of The Saintly Band Jean B. de Santeuil 1686  
Carol Of Redemption Flora Kirkland 1903  
Carol Sweetly Carol Fanny Crosby 1894  
Carry The Light Eliza E. Hewitt 1892  
Carry Your Bible Fred P. Morris 1910  
Cast Thy Bread Upon The Waters Phoebe A. Hanaford 1852  
Cast Thy Burden On The Lord Roland Hill 1783  
Caught Up Thoro Harris 1917  
Celebrate Immanuel's Name Charles Wesley unknown  
Change Your Church, O God John A. Dalles 1992  
Channels Only Mary E. Maxwell unknown  
Cheer, O Cheer, Ye Sons Of Zion William O. Cushing 1877  
Chief Of Sinners William McComb 1864  
Child In The Manger Mary M. Macdonald 1888  
Child In The Manger Mary M. Macdonald 1888  
Children Of Jerusalem John Henley unknown  
Children Of The Heavenly King John Cennick 1742  
Children Of Yesterday, Heirs Of Tomorrow Mary A. Lathbury 1902  
Children Sing Fanny Crosby 1868  
Choose The Living Way Neil Barham 2007  
Choose Ye Today Fanny Crosby unknown  
Chorus Of Fire Robert Lowry 1868  
Chosen Seed And Zion's Children Anders C. Rutstron unknown  
Christ A Redeemer And Friend John Newton 1779  
Christ Above All Glory Seated James R. Woodford 1852  
Christ By Heav'nly Hosts Adored Henry Harbaugh 1860  
Christ Enthroned In Highest Heaven unknown 1502  
Christ For The World We Sing Samuel Wolcott 1869  
Christ Has For Sin Atonement Made Elisha A. Hoffman 1891  
Christ Hath Risen Fanny Crosby unknown  
Christ I Am Christ's Frederick W. H. Myers 1867  
Christ In Highest Heav'n Enthroned Jean B. de Santeuil 1686  
Christ In His Word Draws Near Thomas T. Lynch 1855  
Christ In The Storm Manie P. Ferguson 1904  
Christ Is Coming Winfield Macomber 1890  
Christ Is Gone Up John M. Neale 1842  
Christ Is King Charles R. Scoville 1908  
Christ Is Made The Sure Foundation unknown 1851  
Christ Is Our Cornerstone unknown 1837  
Christ Is Risen Fanny Crosby unknown  
Christ Is Risen From The Dead Henry A. Becker 1880  
Christ Is Risen! Hallelujah! John S. B. Monsell 1863  
Christ Is The World's Redeemer Columba 1923  
Christ Jesus Lay In Deaths Strong Bands Martin Luther 1524  
Christ Liveth In Me Daniel W. Whittle 1891  
Christ Of All My Hopes The Ground Ralph Wardlaw 1817  
Christ Of The Upward Way Walter J. Mathams 1915  
Christ Our Cornerstone unknown unknown  
Christ Our Mighty Captain Carrie E. Breck 1900  
Christ Our Redeemer John G. Foote unknown  
Christ Receiveth Sinful Men Erdmann Neumeister 1718  
Christ Returneth H. L. Turner 1878  
Christ Shall Be King William C. Poole 1913  
Christ Shall Haveth Dominion unknown unknown  
Christ That Ever Reigneth Edward A. Dayman unknown  
Christ The Fair Glory Of The Holy Angels Rhabanus Maurus 1906  
Christ The Life Of All The Living Ernst C. Homburg 1659  
Christ The Lord Is King Fanny Crosby 1887  
Christ The Lord Is Risen Again Michael Weisse 1531  
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today unknown unknown  
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today unknown unknown  
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (Crosby) Fanny Crosby 1877  
Christ The Savior Baylus B. McKinney 1921  
Christ Who Left His Home In Glory Abram B. Kolb 1896  
Christ Who Once Among Us William S. Bourne 1868  
Christ Whose Glory Fills The Skies Charles Wesley 1740  
Christ Will Gather In His Own Nikolaus L. von Zinzendorf 1754  
Christ Will Me His Aid Afford Johnson Oatman Jr. 1900  
Christian Brother O'er The Main Fanny Crosby 1891  
Christian Flag Fanny Crosby 1903  
Christian! Seek Not Yet Response Charlotte Elliott 1836  
Christians, Awake, Salute The Happy Morn John Byrom 1745  
Christians, Come, In Sweetest Measures Adam of St. Victor 1150  
Christians, Lo, The Star Appeareth James A. Blaisdell 1900  
Christians, Sing Out With Exaultation Benedict Pictet 1705  
Christians, Sing The Incarnation Ernest E. Dugmore 1870  
Christians, Wake, No Longer Sleep Fanny Crosby 1907  
Christmas Anthem unknown unknown  
Christmas Brings Joy To Every Heart Bernhardt S Ingemann 1840  
Christmas Day Joyous John Victor unknown  
Christ's Life Is Our Code Benjamin Copeland unknown  
Church In The Wildwood William S. Pitts 1857  
Church Of Christ, O Sleep No More Fanny Crosby 1905  
Church Of God unknown unknown  
Church Of God A Kingdom Is Lionel B. B. L. Muirhead 1899  
Church Of God Is The One Daniel W. Whittle unknown  
Church Of God, Awaken Haldor Lillenas 1920  
Church Of The Living God Arthur J. Mason 1889  
City Of God Samuel Johnson 1864  
City Of Gold Fanny Crosby 1875  
Claim The Promise Kate Ulmer 1922  
Clap Your Hands All Ye People Charles Wesley 1743  
Cleansing For Me Herbert H. Booth 1886  
Cleansing Wave Phoebe W. Palmer 1872  
Clear As A Crystal George F. Root 1885  
Cling To The Bible M. J. Smith unknown  
Close Thy Heart No More Fanny Crosby 1892  
Close To Thee Fanny Crosby 1874  
Closer To Thee Austin Taylor 1911  
Come Mrs. James Gibbon Johnson 1887  
Come Again Fanny Crosby 1867  
Come All Harmonious Tongues Isaac Watts 1707  
Come All Ye People, Bless Our God unknown unknown  
Come All Ye Shepherds Mari R. Hofer 1912  
Come All Ye Sons Of God Thomas Davenport unknown  
Come And Christ The Lord Be Praising Paul Gerhardt 1667  
Come And Dine Charles B. Widmeyer 1906  
Come And Hear The Words Of Jesus Susan H. Peterson 1998  
Come And Let Us Sweetly Join Charles Wesley 1740  
Come Away To The Skies Charles Wesley 1755  
Come Believing Daniel W. Whittle unknown  
Come Blesses Spirit Benjamin Beddome 1847  
Come Boldly To The Throne Of Grace Fanny Crosby unknown  
Come Christians Join To Sing Christian H. Bateman 1843  
Come Close To The Savior Fanny Crosby 1890  
Come Down, O Love Divine Bianco of Siena 1851  
Come Faithful People Gerard Moultrie 1867  
Come Holy Spirit Dove Divine Francis M. Hickok 1914  
Come In O Blessed One Fanny Crosby 1890  
Come In O Come Handley C. G. Moule 1890  
Come In Our Midst O Gracious Lord Fanny Crosby 1868  
Come In, Labor On unknown unknown  
Come Kingdom Of Our God John Johns 1837  
Come Labor On Jane L. Borthwick 1859  
Come Let Our Souls Adore The Lord Anne Steele 1757  
Come Let Us All Unite And Sing Seth Wells 1812  
Come Let Us All With One Accord unknown 1516  
Come Let Us Anew Our Journey Pursue Charles Wesley 1749  
Come Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs Isaac Watts 1707  
Come Let Us Join With Faithful Souls William G. Tarrant 1892  
Come Let Us Join With One Accord Charles Wesley 1763  
Come Let Us Lift Our Joyful Eyes Isaac Watts 1707  
Come Let Us Now Forget Our Mirth Jane Taylor 1809  
Come Let Us Rise With Christ Our Head Charles Wesley unknown  
Come Let Us Sing A Wonderful Love Robert Walmsley unknown  
Come Let Us Sing Of Homeland Henry de Fluiter 1918  
Come Let Us Sing The Song Of Songs James Montgomery 1841  
Come Let Us Sing Unto The Lord unknown 1872  
Come Let Us To The Lord Our God John Morrison 1781  
Come Let Us Tune Our Loftiest Song Robert A. west 1849  
Come Let Us Use The Grace Divine Charles Wesley 1762  
Come Lord And Let Thy Powr Fanny Crosby 1885  
Come Lord Jesus, Our Redeemer R. Michael Cullian 1996  
Come Lord, And Tarry Not Horatius Bonar 1846  
Come My Soul, Thou Must Be Walking Friedrich R. L. von Canitz 1700  
Come My Soul, Thy Suit Prepare John Newton 1779  
Come Near Me C. G. Lloyd 1894  
Come Now With Joy And Singing William F. Sherwin 1875  
Come On My Partners In Distress Charles Wesley 1749  
Come Over And Help Us A. F. Myers 1897  
Come Rejoicing, Praises Voicing Juraj Tranovsky 1637  
Come Said Jesus, Sacred Voice Anna L. Barbauld 1792  
Come Shepherds Come! unknown 1916  
Come Thou Everlasting Spirit Charles Wesley 1745  
Come Thou Savior Of Our Race Ambrose of Milan 397  
Come Thou Soul Transforming Spirit Jonathan Evans 1784  
Come To Calvary's Holy Mountain James Montgomery 1819  
Come To Jesus Eden R. Latta 1878  
Come To Me, O Blessed Spirit Annie M. Potter unknown  
Come To Our Poor Nature's Night George Rawson 1853  
Come To The Father's House Aldine S. Kieffer 1894  
Come To The Fountain Fanny Crosby 1894  
Come To The Fountain Of Mercy Fanny Crosby 1868  
Come To The Savior George F. Root 1870  
Come To The Savior Now John M. Wigner 1871  
Come Tune Your Heart Christian F. Gelbert 1767  
Come Unto Me Eliza E. Hewitt unknown  
Come Unto Me (Jones) Charles P. Jones unknown  
Come Unto Me (Norton) Nathaniel Norton 1888  
Come Unto Me And Rest Daniel W. Whittle unknown  
Come Unto Me When Shadows Darkly Gather Catherine H. Elsing 1839  
Come Unto Me, Ye Weary William C. Dix 1867  
Come Unto Me, Ye Weary Fanny Crosby 1898  
Come We That Love The Lord Isaac Watts 1707  
Come With Happy Faces Fanny Crosby 1893  
Come With Rejoicing Fanny Crosby 1882  
Come With The Wise Men Burton H. Winslow 1903  
Come Women, Wide Proclaim Fannie E. Heck 1913  
Come Ye Children Of The Lord James H. Wallis 1881  
Come Ye Disconsolate Thomas Moore 1816  
Come Ye Disconsolate (Original) unknown unknown  
Come Ye Faithful, Raise The Anthem John M. Neale 1863  
Come Ye Faithful, Raise The Strain John of Damascus unknown  
Come Ye Lofty Archer T. Gurney 1871  
Come Ye Saints, Look Here And Wonder Thomas Kelly 1809  
Come Ye Sinners, Poor And Needy Joseph hart 1759  
Come Ye Souls, By Sin Afflicted Joseph Swain 1792  
Come Ye Thankful People, Come Henry Alford 1844  
Come Ye That Fear The Lord unknown 1912  
Come Ye That Know And Fear The Lord George Burder 1784  
Come Ye That Love The Savior's Name Anne Steele 1769  
Come Ye Weary Sinners, Come Charles Wesley 1747  
Come Ye Yourselves Apart Edward H. Bickersteth, Jr. 1872  
Come Your Hearts And Voices Raising Paul Gerhardt 1667  
Come, Children, Learn To Fear The Lord Isaac Watts 1719  
Come, Children, Raise Your Voices Maud G. Sewall 1910  
Come, Children, With Singing unknown 1910  
Come, Come Away Fanny Crosby unknown  
Come, Come Ye Saints William Clayton 1846  
Come, Dearest Lord Isaac Watts 1709  
Come, Divine Interpreter Charles Wesley 1762  
Come, Every Pious Heart Samuel Stennett 1782  
Come, Every Soul By Sin Oppressed John H. Stockton 1874  
Come, Father, Son, And Holy Ghost Charles Wesley 1767  
Come, For All Things Are Ready Julia H. Johnston 1897  
Come, For The Feast Is Spread Henry Burton 1878  
Come, Gracious Lord, Descend And Dwell Isaac Watts 1707  
Come, Gracious Spirit, Heav'nly Dove Simon Browne 1720  
Come, Great Deliverer, Come Fanny Crosby 1877  
Come, Heaven-Bound Pilgrims John M. Shenk 1902  
Come, Holy Ghost, Creator Blest Rhabanus Maurus 800  
Come, Holy Ghost, Eternal God Charlemagne 1549  
Come, Holy Ghost, God And Lord Martin Luther 1524  
Come, Holy Ghost, In Love Robert II of France unknown  
Come, Holy Ghost, Our Hearts Inspire Charles Wesley 1740  
Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire Rhabanus Maurus 800  
Come, Holy Ghost, Who Ever One Ambrose of Milan unknown  
Come, Holy Ghost, With God The Son Ambrose of Milan unknown  
Come, Holy Spirit, Calm My Mind unknown 1803  
Come, Holy Spirit, Come Benjamin Beddome 1800  
Come, Holy Spirit, Come (Hart) Joseph hart 1759  
Come, Holy Spirit, Dove Divine Adoriram Judson 1829  
Come, Holy Spirit, God And Lord unknown unknown  
Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove Isaac Watts 1707  
Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life George Herbert 1633  
Come, O Come, Thou Quickening Spirit Heinrich Held 1664  
Come, O Creator Spirit Bless Rhabanus Maurus 800  
Come, O Lord, Like Morning Sunlight Milton S. Littlefield 1927  
Come, O My Soul, In Sacred Lays Thomas Blacklock 1754  
Come, O Spirit John A. Dallas 1983  
Come, O Thou All-Victorious Lord Charles Wesley 1746  
Come, O Thou God Of Grace William E. Evans 1886  
Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown Charles Wesley 1742  
Come, Oh Come To Me Lizzie Akers 1902  
Come, Oh Come With Thy Broken Heart Fanny Crosby unknown  
Come, Poor Sinner, To The Blessed Feast Fanny Crosby 1877  
Come, Pure Hearts unknown unknown  
Come, Savior, Jesus, From Above Antoinette Bourignon 1640  
Come, See The Place Where Jesus Lay Thomas Kelly 1804  
Come, Shout Aloud The Father's Grace Ottiwell Heginbothom unknown  
Come, Shout And Sing unknown unknown  
Come, Sing The Gospel's Joyful Sound Philip P. Bliss unknown  
Come, Sing With Holy Gladness John J. Daniell 1868  
Come, Sing Ye Choirs Exultant Adam of St. Victor 1170  
Come, Sinner, Come William E. Witter 1877  
Come, Sinners, To The Gospel Feast Charles Wesley 1747  
Come, Soul, And Find Thy Rest Johnson Oatman, Jr. 1895  
Come, Sound His Praise Abroad Isaac Watts 1719  
Come, Thou Almighty King unknown 1757  
Come, Thou Bright And Morning Star Anne Steele 1760  
Come, Thou Desire Of All Thy Saints unknown unknown  
Come, Thou Fount Of Every Blessing Robert Robinson 1758  
Come, Thou Holy Paraclete unknown unknown  
Come, Thou Holy Spirit, Come unknown unknown  
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus Charles Wesley 1745  
Come, Thou Precious Ransom Johannes G. Olearius 1664  
Come, Thou Redeemer Of The Earth Ambrose of Milan 397  
Comfort, Comfort Ye My People Johannes G. Olearius 1671  
Coming For Me Thoro Harris 1920  
Coming Home Alfred H. Ackley 1917  
Coming Home To Thee Fanny Crosby 1901  
Coming To Jesus My Savior Haldor Lillenas 1914  
Coming To Jesus, My Savior unknown unknown  
Coming Today Fanny Crosby 1880  
Coming Up The Road Thoro Harris 1919  
Commit Thou All Thy Grief's Paul Gerhardt 1656  
Commit Whatever Grieves Thee Paul Gerhardt 1656  
Complete In Thee Aaron R. Wolfe 1851  
Conflicting Feelings John Newton 1779  
Conquering Kings Their Titles Take unknown 1736  
Conquering Now And Still To Conquer Fanny Crosby 1890  
Consider The Lilies Alice W. Brotherton 1905  
Constantly Abiding Anne S. Murphy 1908  
Count It Joy Susan H. Peterson 1998  
Count Me William C. Poole 1916  
Count Your Blessings Johnson Oatman, Jr. 1897  
Courage, Brother, Do Not Stumble Norman Macleod 1857  
Coventry Carol unknown unknown  
Cover With His Light unknown unknown  
Covered By The Blood Nellie Edwards 1904  
Cradled In A Manger George S. Rowe 1879  
Creation's Lord, We Give Thee Thanks William D. Hyde 1903  
Creator Of The Earth And Sky Ambrose of Milan unknown  
Creator Of The Stars Of Night unknown unknown  
Creator Of The World To Thee Charles Coffin 1736  
Creator Spirit By Whose Aid Charlemagne 1693  
Cross Of Christ! Lead Onward R. Kelso Carter unknown  
Cross Of Jesus William J. Sparrow-Simpson 1887  
Crystal Songs Annie Cummings 1887  
Cursed Is The One Who Trusts In Man Susan H. Peterson 1998  
The Call Of The Christ William C. Poole 1914  
The Call To Arms Is Sounding Claudia F. Hernaman 1886  
The Chariot unknown 1835  
The Child and the Sheperd Frank Sewall unknown  
The Children's Savior R. P. Clark unknown  
The Chosen Three David H. Ela 1877  
The Christian Flag Fanny Crosby 1903  
The Christian's "Good Night" Sarah Doudney 1871  
The Church Has Waited Long Horatius Bonar 1845  
The Church Of God Is A Kingdom Lionel B. C. L. Muirhead 1899  
The Church Of God Is The One Daniel W. Whittle unknown  
The Church's One Foundation Samuel J. Stone 1866  
The Cleansing Fountain Ira D. Sankey unknown  
The Clouds Of Judgment Bernard of Morlaix unknown  
The Comforter Had Come Frank Bottome 1890  
The Cross Is Not Greater Ballington Booth 1892  
The Cross It Standeth Fast Horatius Bonar unknown  
The Crowning Day Daniel W. Whittle 1881  


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