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It is our goal at this site to supply our visitors with as many Christian songs, both old and new, as possible. We have over 10,000 songs on this site, and most of them are hymns written so long ago that there copyright restrictions have expired and thus become "Public Domain". These songs may be reprinted and distributed without express permission from the original writers of the song. However, there are many songs that have been requested that we cannot as of yet display. These songs have copyright restrictions that require special licenses from the publishers to reprint. It is our mission on this site to only display songs that are public domain, or display lyrics that have we have permission to display. If you happen to come across a song on this site that you believe is placed here without appropriate permission, please contact us at once. We do appreciate all of our visitors support and constant feedback. We are currently contacting the necessary publishers to display many of the most requested songs in Christian music. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. Again it is our mission to provide our visitors with as many Christian worship songs as possible, and to display them in a way that is respectful to both the Christian artists and United States Copyright law. Thank you again and God bless!

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