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He Leadeth Me

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1. In this worldís life of agony and pain
His love and compassion keeps me sustained
In every trialís and temptationís lane
He helps me maintain my garment unstained

He leadeth me, He leadeth me
Each time, each day, He leadeth me
He leadeth me, He leadeth me
Until the end He will lead me on

2. Though I may walk through the valley of death
His rod and His staff will comfort me there
Though all my needs in this life are not met
In Him Iíll always be joyful and glad
- Chorus
3. No weapon formed against me shall prosper
In Him if my stand is right and proper
When Iím under His protective shelter
I am safely kept away from all danger
- Chorus

4. When Heís oíer me as watchful keeper
My life can no one ever dare to pamper
As long as He is my cheerful leader
Any endeavor of mine can none hamper
- Chorus

5. If I will give off all of my substance
In full surrender and total reverence
Then my worship and prayer in His presence
Will be to His good self a sweeter incense
- Chorus

6. At His feet in prayer if I will kneel
Heíll give His word thatís a healthier meal
At His feet fervently if Iíll appeal
All legitimate requests of mine Heíll fulfill
- Chorus

7. If my own self I will fully renounce
His hidden baffling things will He expound
As memory regains facing Him spellbound
Iím still fallen at His feet quite dumbfound
- Chorus

8. Heís chosen me to fulfill His pleasure
For which He guides me as and when required
My weakness and flaws are of no matter
Since Heís my helper and my comforter
- Chorus

9. As per the scripture Iíll try to venture
That I may level up upto His measure
All those times I might get for my leisure
Iíll strive to spend it out for His pleasure
- Chorus

G. Junee Sophia 2008


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