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Been Down To the River

1. Been down to the river, ‘neath the morning sun.
Listened to the Baptizer, but he said, ‘I’m not the one.’
It got me down, I almost didn’t hear, when he said, ‘He’s soon to come.’
How long have we waited – for the promise to be done?

2. Been up to the seaside, up to Galillee.
Heard the carpenter’s son preachin’, ‘In your hearts you can be free.’
I shook my head and I walked away, Lord, you know how I believe;
We need a champion and a conqueror, and that he’ll never be.

3. Been down to the marketplace, heard the people talkin’ there
About that crazy carpenter, he’s got their hopes up in the air.
They say he’s doin’ miracles, and preachin’ kingdom come.
But he’s a nobody from Nazareth, he couldn’t be the Chosen One.

4. Been down to Jerusalem, to a hill outside the town.
They crucified that carpenter, they tore his temple down.
His friends are gone, his dream is dead, he’s forsaken and alone
They laid him in a borrowed grave and they sealed it with a stone.

BRIDGE: But I can’t help feel– that there’s much more –

to him than there seemed

And that (I know) his words of peace and love

are more than just a (an empty) dream

The things he said, the things he did, were more than just a little odd.

Was he one more crazy prophet, or the promised Son of God?
(I know he was no…)

5. Been on the road the whole day, back to Emmaus town
My friends and I we talked a lot, about what’s been goin’ down.
Then He came walkin’ to us, He took some time to recognize
But when I saw Him clearly, I saw the glory in His eyes.

6. Been down to the river, washed my hands and washed my feet.
I washed my heart in His water, for the first time I’m complete.
He took my hand as I came out, and He blessed me with His name;
Tho’ I still live in this dark old world, life will never be the same.

Repeat Bridge (with ‘I know’, without ‘an empty’)

© Robert Moulton


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