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Soldiers, Rejoice!

Soldiers, rejoice! Your victry is secure.
God Almighty fights: His kingdom will endure.
Following the saints enduring shame and loss,
For the joy before them, taking up their cross.

Soldiers, rejoice! Your victry is secure.
God Almighty fights: His kingdom will endure.

God guides His army, Jesus pays the price,
Saving captives Satan hungers to entice.
Though our strength is weak, our bravest feats blown chaff,
God shows greatest powr on weakest mens behalf.


Every decision, motion, thought, and word
Is a battle won for Satan or the Lord.
Though each moments deeds may look small in our sight,
Little battles build our courage for the fight.


Seize faith to shield your soul from Satans darts.
Christian, did you think the devil eer departs?
Scheming Satan lures your soul in times of rest:
Never let your vigil watching be suppressed.


When strong temptation seems too much to bear,
Shadows lurk around you, darting here and there.
Grip the Spirits sword, the two-edged word of God.
He will scatter sin and calm you with His rod.


Rosemary Shelden

From the Author:

Here's the story behind my hymn:

Every year, my church youth group takes a retreat into the snowy Cascade mountains. Our retreat theme three years ago was, "Life is a Battle and We Are Soldiers," so I wrote this hymn on that theme.

It seems to me that we Christians often get discouraged. Christianity in America is not what it once was, our faith is not as strong as we would like it to be, we face many difficulties. The battle is hard.

But I wanted to encourage believers that even though Jesus said, "they will persecute you" (John 15:20), He also promised that we will be the victors. The battle is already won!

The tune I chose is the Chorus from Judas Maccabeus, which is also the tune for the hymn, Thine Be the Glory. It sounds like a rousing battle tune, and since my church rarely sings Thine Be the Glory except at Easter, I thought the church should have another chance to sing this wonderful tune.

Blessings in Christ,

Rosemary Shelden



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